Why Does A Man Treats You Like His Woman But Calls You His Friend?

If a man is treating you like his woman but yet keep referring to you as his friend then that is because that’s exactly who you are to him…his friend.

I understand the confusion behind it because one minute he acting like your man, he’s giving you money to help pay your bills, the two of you spend a lot of time together with one another, you met some of his family and met yours and you probably even talked about the future with one another but yet after all of this he still refers to you as his friend.

Depending on the type of man that you’re dealing with, it could be a couple of reasons why he is treating you this way but won’t officially commit to you.

  1. He probably like another woman and haven’t decided between the two of you yet.
  2. He’s married and stringing you along with hopes of the two of you being together one day.
  3. He could really like you but is not ready to commit to a relationship at this time.
  4. He wants his cake and eat it too.
  5. He have no intention of making you his woman but yet you’re meeting his sexual and emotional needs at the moment which is why he treats you like his woman.


I can go on and on with why he treats you like his woman but keep calling you his friend, the real question you must ask yourself is why are you entertaining someone who only see you as his friend? We actually talk more about this in the What is he thinking interview series I did with men and they’ve share their input on what may be going on in this particular situation, to hear they’re response click here.

Don’t get it twisted, men are very clear on what they want and who they want. Yes this man that you’re dating wants you but not like you want him. He wants the sex and you want a relationship…do you see the disconnect? He have study you to know that he have to treat you like his woman in order for you to continue to give him what he want even if it’s not sex, it could be he enjoy talking with you and spending time with you, in this case you are meeting a need for him which is why he’s stringing you along.

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