What Others Are Saying About Taquila

I’m really enjoying your book!!! It really touches the core and make you identify what is causing insecurity issues. It’s very inspiring. I absolutely love it and the examples you give women on how we can achieve confidence in ourselves it’s really encouraging my spirit. ~Dawn

Taquila Coleman gives women key points to resolving pain, healing and starting to grow to become confident. She touches on the things that so many women don’t see like how important it is to forgive yourself, not just others; being conscious of who you surround yourself with, choosing your words and what you listen to wisely. Something I see a lot of is women who have no boundaries and who don’t know how to say “no”; she spells out their importance. Most importantly she gives a big key nugget–falling in love with yourself, knowing your worth and coming to know who you are so that you are confident, no matter what someone else tells you. Confidence is built in action, from the inside on a daily basis and this book gives the the steps to take. ~Sheila