What Does It Mean When He Says I Just Want To Be Friends?

It means exactly what he said. He wants to be your friend.

Now that you know he just want to be friends with you, my question to you is what is his definition of friends?

What kind of friend does he want to be with you?

Friends with benefits?

Friends who hang out together?

Friends in hopes of us getting to know one another and later seeing where things can go between the two?

When you have him clearly define his definition of friend and what kind of friend he desire to be with you then you have a better handle on making the decision if you want to be friends with him or not.

Some guys who say they just want to be friends just want sex without the commitment. Other guys who just want to be friends may like you but also could have someone else on the side that their thinking about and haven’t made up their mind yet.


Don’t over think what he said to you. Take it for what it is. He just wants to be friends. He has already defined what he wants with you at the moment so now the ball is in your court. What do you want?

We talked more about this in our “what is he thinking series 7 things women wish they knew about what men were thinking.

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