What Do You Do When You Want A Relationship But He Doesn’t?

So you’ve met a guy and you’re starting to date and get to know one another and now you find yourself picturing yourself in a relationship with him…but he already stated that he don’t want a relationship, so what do you do?

I’ve have been exactly where you are and have heard all of the excuses as to why he don’t want a relationship…

  • I just got out of a relationship
  • I’m not ready
  • I have to get myself together
  • Relationships are hard work
  • I just don’t want one right now…maybe later
  • Blah, blah, blah

So what should you do in this situation…leave him alone and find you someone who is looking for the same-thing that you are looking for. Now I know you may be thinking but he did just get out of a relationship so maybe I should just give him some time to get over it and deal with it and I agree with you. He does need time to deal with any unresolved issues he had/have from his previous relationship but his issues does not have anything to do with you. Your life shouldn’t be placed on hold waiting on him to decide if and when he would want a relationship with you.


I remember when I asked Shawn Hill this question in our what is he thinking interview series and I absolutely loved the response he share with women who find themselves in this particular situation. To hear his response, click here.

I don’t believe in putting your life on hold waiting for someone else to decide and figure out when they want to be with you. If he is telling you that he does not want a relationship then believe him and keep it moving. There is a man who would love to be in a relationship with you. Don’t settle, know your worth.

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