(video) What Do You Do When You Just Can’t Overcome Depression?

What Do You Do When You Just Can’t Overcome Depression?

God begin to reveal to me the root of my problem and why I couldn’t seem to shake this depress feeling that I constantly felt. I was led to purchase the book “Unshakable: Dismantling Satan’s Plan to Destroy Your Foundation” and in that book is where I discover how deliverance from demonic spirits enters into a person life and how to cast them out.

In my own words, depression is a demonic spirit that must be fought with the word of God. The root of my depression steam from feelings of rejection and feeling unloved. Before I could overcome depression, I first had to deal with its roots within me; the spirit of rejection and feeling unloved.

The Spirit of Rejection

When you’re dealing with the spirit of rejection you must start at its root, where the rejection first enters into your life. Think back as far as you can to when you first experience rejection. Who was the person that rejected you? What happen that caused you to feel rejected by this particular person? This is where you want to start at and then work your way all the way up until today. Make a list of all the people who you felt rejected by and describe the incident that caused you to feel rejected by them. Yes, this will take some time to do but your deliverance is worth it.

Feeling Unloved

If you are feeling unloved then chances are you are surrounded by people who tolerate you, who act like they don’t really like you, don’t have your best interest at heart etc…Hanging around these type of individuals will have you feeling unloved because their way of expressing love to you is unhealthy. Their love is based on condition, meaning as long as you are doing for them and meeting their needs and keeping them happy then they love you and want to hang around you but the minute you stop doing for them they take their love back and don’t want to be bother anymore.

In order for you to feel loved, you have to redefine what love really mean according to the bible. God is love. Love comes from God. When you study the bible to find out what it says about the love you will discover that love builds up. Love is patient and kind. Love is forgiving. Love speaks the truth at all times. Love never fails. Click here to get scriptures on love.

You have to renew your mind on what love mean according to the bible. Once your mind is renewed, you will then discover that the people in your life do not know what love is which is why they are having a hard time loving you. This revelation alone caused me to feel compassion toward my family.

As you begin to start doing the inner work with rejection and feeling unloved, you may find yourself starting to feel much better. When I was going through this process I did a lot of crying which was God delivering me from the spirit of depression. My exact words to my counselor were “I don’t feel depress anymore” and after re-testing me again my score went from a 34 (severe depression) all the way down to a 5. Glory to God.

I’m not guaranteeing that you will have or experience the same results as myself but what I do know is that if you do the necessary work that’s required and if needed seek out professional help and call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to heal you and deliver you from depression, He will do it.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


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