The Real Reason Why You Settle For Less

Do you settle for less in men just to help you ease the loneliness that you feel? I use to settle for less all of the time. I believe many women settle for less in men is because they don’t want to spend another lonely night all by themselves again so they settle for Mr. Right now. I remember saying to me one time about this man I was talking to, I said to myself “he’ll do” but what end up happening is that he end up getting on my nerves and frustrating the hell out of me.

When you settle for any man that comes your way you basically say to God that I don’t trust that you will give me the desires of my heart, the man of my dreams and so you settle for what comes your way. You tell yourself lies such as “he a nice guy and I will give him a try” but every-time you find yourself going out with him you secretly wishing that he was someone else or look liked this or that.

Why do women settle for less in men? I’m going to share with you 3 reasons why women settle for less in men.

  1. You are lonely. The fact that you are lonely right now is what is causing you to settle for less. Your loneliness is causing you to crave more attention from men so that is why when any man smiles at you or as for your number you are all over him.
  2. You believe that you have to settle. For many years of my life, I believe that I had to settle for whatever guy that came my way. I believe this because it seem like I was only attracting a certain type of men into my life, men who were dogs, who didn’t want a relationship so I felt like I better take what comes my way and so I settle. Do you believe that you have to settle for whatever comes your way? Do you think that you will never find a good man to love? If these are your thoughts then this is why you always find yourself settling for less in men, because of your belief system.
  3. You want to be wanted by somebody. A lot of women just want to find someone who will love them and so when that person don’t show up in the time frame that the woman have in mind she begin to settle for that man who is her best-friend and say all the right things in her ear. Have you ever found yourself settling for a man who loved everything about you but he wasn’t your type at all? You probably told yourself well you never know he just might be the one. You feel this way only because you see how much this man adore you, respect you as a woman and that is how you desire the man of your dreams to feel about you, but the problem is you haven’t met him yet so right now I’ll settle…

There could be many reasons why you settle for less in men but only you know the why? When you figure out your why then you will be one step closer to stop settling. Sign up for this free tele-seminar entitle “5 Mistakes that you are making that keeps you Lonely & Frustrated at night” here

Please leave me a comment in the comment section below as to your biggest struggle you have while being single. What’s stopping you from getting the man of your dreams? Tell me in the comment section below and share this article with your friends.


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  1. Sabrena
    2 years ago

    My biggest struggle being alone is fighting the urge to go back to my abusive Ex because he is familiar. The fear of getting to know someone new prevent me from having the man of my dreams.

  2. Taquila Coleman
    2 years ago

    Thank you Sabrena for commenting and for your honesty.

    Yes it’s easier for us as women to go back to what is familiar to us and comfortable

    but you have to make sure that what you are going back to is what you really want? Because if not then you will just regret ever going back once you get back involved with him.

    One thing about fear that I want you to remember is that it is not from God. God desire to see you happy and if that means you being happy with someone else then so be it. Just take your time and relax. When you meet the right man, all of your fears will go away.

    Thank again for commenting.

    Taquila Coleman recently posted..The Real Reason Why You Settle For LessMy Profile

  3. Evelyn
    2 years ago

    As women we do settle for the first thing that come along. We are put under pressure from family and friends if there isn’t anyone hanging on our arms. We have all heard “Girl whats wrong with you”. I settled for my sons father. I am so glad to be away from that person. I know it was because my father was not and my home. Left our family when I was five, and he was not a good father and still isn’t. The good thing is I learned not to settle for anything no matter what anyone says. Thanks

  4. Taquila Coleman
    2 years ago

    You are so right Evelyn, family and friends do put on pressure assuming if you’re not with some one then something must be wrong with you which is not true, maybe you want to enjoy being single at the moment. That’s good that you learned how not to settle for anything because you desire so much more.

    Thanks for commenting Evelyn.

    Taquila Coleman recently posted..The Real Reason Why You Settle For LessMy Profile