Telling Him I’m Pregnant Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

Who would have ever thought saying I’m pregnant to my child father would lead me to my purpose?

The day that I found out I was pregnant I called up my daughter father and told him the news. Of course, he wasn’t happy about it, actually, he seems shocked to hear the news. He started sweating, his blood pressure went up and next thing I hear is him telling me he would call me back.

To make a long story short, my daughter father begged me to have an abortion but I repeatedly told him no. “I don’t believe in killing kids” is what I said to him. Next, he asked to give the baby up for an adoption and again I told him no. He went on to tell me how he wasn’t doing anything for the baby and I was going to raise my daughter on my own all by myself and after thinking about all of what he said I came to the conclusion that everything would be OK.

I have to admit he stayed true to his words by not helping me or being in his daughter life. I struggle with his decision for some time and started to feel sad and depressed over the fact that my daughter has to grow up not knowing who her father is. The more I thought about my situation the more depressed I became. I started struggling financially with raising my three kids on my own. I could never keep a job because of not being able to afford childcare for my children and so I was left wondering what I was going to do. My life seems hopeless. My family made sure not to help me with my children. I was always exhausted and tired from never getting a break from my children. I threw my hands up and decided to go to counseling for help.

After four sessions in counseling, God spoke to me and reveal to me my purpose and what he wanted me to do. That night as I laid in bed, God gave me the name of my book “From Depression to Deliverance” which is coming out soon. The title alone confirmed to me that God was going to deliver me from depression. Thank you, Jesus. As The days went by, my purpose became clearer and clearer and I went from feeling hopeless to purposeful.

Keep in mind that God reveal my purpose to me once I let go of my daughter’s father. As long as I continue to hold on to him my life seems hopeless but the minute I decided to let him go and trust God that everything would be OK then God was able to move in my life.

Allow me to encourage you, if your child father left you with a child and you’re trying to figure out what to do, turn to God. God will be the father. God is your provider. God is your helper. God wants to heal your heart so that He can reveal to you all of what he has in store for you.

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