Single Mom: What Do You Do When No One Understands What You’re Going Through?

I remember when I was going through a depression. I felt stuck in life, always tired and exhausted from chasing behind my children. Some days it was hard getting out of the bed and other days I felt fine. I tried to make my life appear that everything was alright but behind closed doors, it was a hot mess. Here I am screaming and yelling at my children. I felt like people didn’t like me. I constantly had thoughts of not being good enough. I hated my life, I felt trapped inside and felt like this was my punishment for deciding to have my children as a single mother. Every day I was always in the house with my children, never getting a break and it drove me crazy. I had no desire to date. Each time that I tried to explain what I was going through to someone no one seems to understand they would tell me things such as “things will get better soon stick in there” but how when each day I just want to give up.

If you’re reading my story and find yourself resonating with it then you may be suffering from depression and not even realize it. Trying to get your family and friends to understand what you’re going through is a waste of time and here is why I say that:

Depending on which family member you’re telling your business to and they’re projecting the feelings that they don’t care off onto you, then that’s a clear sign that they don’t care about what you are dealing with at the moment, most people are caught up in their everyday life and trying to sort and figure out their own life. Don’t take it personal, recognize that this person is not in a space to help you in this time of your life.
Some family members hold the belief that you’re supposed to struggle as a single mom because that’s what they experience as a single mom. If you seek advice from your mother and she say something like “I had to go through that so welcome to the life of being a single mom” then this is a clear indication that she may still have some bitterness inside of the things she had to go through as a single mom and right now she is not the right person to help you feel understood concerning your situation.
If you even mention the word depression some people are going to assume you’re just tired and need to get some rest and not take you seriously. Again, these individuals can not help you, don’t take it personal but recognize that these individuals may hold the beliefs that’s nothing is wrong with you, you just want pity at the moment and don’t believe a person like yourself can actually experience depression.

In order for you to feel understood in this season of your life, I suggest you seek professional help from a counselor who specialize in depression. I have found when I seek professional help and started going to counseling I felt understood because my counselor allowed me to get all of my feelings out without interrupting me and looking at me like I was crazy. I finally felt heard by somebody and I was finally receiving some encouraging advice on what to do that would help to change my situation around for the better.

There is nothing wrong with getting professional help.

Pray and ask God to help you find a trained counselor in your area who specialize in depression so that you can get the necessary help that you desire.

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