How To Change Your Belief System

Belief are your reality. Belief are something deep rooted inside of you that you believe to be true. The type of life you have right now is all from your belief system. If you are constanly struggling in something then it’s probably because you believe that you should struggle some how. You may have saw your parents struggling to pay the bills when you were younger so now you are program to believe that you have to struggle throughout your life.

Everything that we saw, heard or experience in our childhood shape our beliefs system. From the time that you were born you were told what to do, how to talk, how to walk, what to wear and so many more other things. As an adult, you may find yourself still doing and believeing some of the things you were taught to believe as a child.

Beliefs are thoughts that we make real in our mind. Unconsciously we start to gather up evidence about our belief to support what we believe.

You can believe something to be true for you but can be a lie. Watch the video I did on what lies have you been believing. After you watch my video then visit Mental Health Food  blog on how our belief system impact the type of lifestyle that we live. To change your belief system you have to change a couple of things in your life.

  • Make yourself aware of your negative belief. Write out a list of all the negative things you have been believing about yourself to be true. Example: I’m no good. I always seem to fail at things. I never seem to do things right. I’m fat and will never lose this weight. Nobody will ever love me. Write all of your negative beliefs about yourself down on a piece of paper so you can make yourself aware of what’s going on inside of you and what you believe about yourself.
  • Replace your negative beliefs with positive beliefs that you want to be true about you. Take every negative belief you wrote out about yourself and make it true/positive. Example: Negative belief: I’m fat and will never lose weight. Positive belief: I am losing weight because I eat healthier and exercise 3-4 times a week.
  • Investigate your belief. Figure out why you believe this thing to be true. You may find that by observation this belief was form inside of you. Take for example, your bestfriend who is a male always cheated on his woman. You watch him for several years cheat on women after women so now you believe that all men cheat. You believe that a man cannot commit to one woman. Now you are believing a lie that’s true for you because you believe it. Investigate why you have the beliefs you have and you will start to shed some light on the things you really believe to be true.


Don’t allow your belief system stop you from moving forward in life. Change your life by changing what you believe.

For more help on how you can begin to change your mindset and belief system and start getting and attracting the things that you want into your life then download your copy of The Confident Sista Hand Book which will show you how to renew your mind, teach you how to use positive self talk to change your belief system and tips and strategies on how you can build more confidence in yourself.


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