How To Build Your Self Worth And Self Esteem

Do you know your self worth? That’s the question I want you to sit down and ask yourself. If you don’t know what you are worth, others will tell you exactly what they think you are worth.

There are some women that do not value themselves and do not think they are worth much. I know women who don’t believe they are worth having a healthy relationship with a man. There are others who feel they’re not worth having a nice house or car, so they settle for what they can get.

I am here to tell you that you are worth more than what you currently have in your life. You do not have to settle for less again. Your settling days are over. It’s time for you to learn and recognize your sense of self worth. For more tips on how to improve your self esteem visit all week they are giving away tips on how to build your self esteem.


Wage- How much are you worth? Do you even know? When you allow yourself to work at a job that only pay you $10 an hour for ten years without receiving a raise, that mean that you do not understand how much you are worth. A job will only pay you exactly what they feel you are worth to the company and that’s it. If you have not showed them any new skills, or development in yourself then your pay will stay the same. What are you good at? What new class do you need to take to develop more skills in certain areas of your life? This is the way how you show others how much you are worth instead of them telling you what they think you are worth to them.

Opinion-Some people will see your worth before you do and will try and tear you down. Do not allow what other people say to you, affect you. It is just their opinion of you, and their opinion of you is not true unless you believe for it to be true. When others say you’re not worth all of that, show them that you are with your action by going after all of the things you want out of life.

Repeat-Tell yourself  that you are worth having whatever you want out of life. Tell yourself that you are worth being married to.You are worth getting to know. Tell yourself that you are worth the wait. You have to constantly remind yourself of the things that you are worth having in life.

Teach-There are going to be some people that you will have to teach how to treat you. Knowing your worth, also mean knowing that you are to be respected. Teach people to respect you at all times. Once you start showing others your worth, you will also start the process of teaching them how you want to be treated from this day forward. You set the tone for how others treat you.

Habit- In order for you to know your worth and be treated with respect, you need to break some habits in your life. It’s time to break the habit of sleeping around with every man you meet. A man won’t find you worthy if all his boys been with you. Break the habit of foul language. Break the habit of being a drama queen.

For more tips on how to boost your confidence and self worth, download your copy of The Confident Sista Hand Book which will teach you how to improve your confidence and self esteem and help you become secure within yourself.

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