Keshia Knight Pulliam: Pregnant And Getting A Divorce

My heart goes out to Keisha Knight Pulliam and her husband and unborn child. Seven months into her marriage and finding out that she is pregnant with a little girl, her husband Ed filed for a divorce and he wants her to prove that the baby is his.

In Keisha own words she stated how she was blindsided by the news because he was the one who cheated early in their marriage and that she was going to divorce him then but he beg for a second chance and said all the right things so that Keisha would give him another chance and for the baby sake she did and now she find herself facing this challenge in her life.

Even though she is hurting right now I like the fact that she is grateful for her blessing, her daughter and we know according to the bible that children are a blessing from the Lord. Psalm 127:3

Her story is one that I can personally relate to. I too had a baby by a man that blindsided me in the end when he learned of me being pregnant with his child. Just like Keisha, I also gave the second chances and to be left taking care of and raising a child all by myself. All of this is what led me to a deep depression that God delivered me from and I hope for Keisha and the baby sake that she deal with the hurt and pain now so that she won’t experience depression like I have in the past.

I’m happy of the fact that through all of this, with her husband filing for a divorce, leaving her while she is pregnant when this is the time that she needs him most, I’m happy that she is keeping her baby and not having an abortion because of the man leaving.

Right now what Keisha needs most is our love and prayers to help her through this trying time in her life. The devil is busy and he is out to destroy families and marriages. Let us all take time out and pray for Keisha and her marriage right now in Jesus name.

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