How To Have A Social Life As A Single Mom When You Work And Attend School?

I remember the days when my life consists of working and taking classes online. If I wasn’t doing my own homework I was helping my 11-year-old with his homework and after that tending to my other two children. I remember saying to myself, “I need a life” everything seems to be wrapped around school and work and that’s no fun.

One day the idea came to mind that I should start my own single mom group where we could get together with our children and do fun things together. Well needless to say I never acted on that idea, however I did find a local single mom meetup group that were meeting up every week with their children at a different location so I figure I would give it a try.

The first meetup was at a place I never heard of called Jungle Java and it was low cost for the children to play so that was a plus in my book. Once there, I met the event organizer and her son and introduce her to my three children. As our children played we talked and learned different things about one another and also came up with other ideas on different things to do for our meetups.

Fast forward to our second meetup which was at the event organizer home, that day I was able to meet and connect with three other single moms. We talk, laugh, share encouraging advice to one another, recommended places to attend with our children and overall enjoyed our time with one another.

This has been a great experience that’s has helped me break up my everyday routine and get out and meet new people and enjoy being with my kids at the same time. Finding a babysitter is hard for me so I decided to make my situation work for all of us and hang out with other single moms while our children play together. Give it a try, you never know who you might meet and how much fun you may have.

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