How To Build Your Own Support System?

Being a single mom is hard work. It can be lonely at times, having no friends to talk to and you’re left feeling all alone. You are always with your kids, if you want to go out to dinner you have to take your kids with you because family is not helping you with your kids. Something have to change, you cannot no longer continue to live like this.

Here are my three step process on how you can build your own support system up for you and your kids.

  1. The first thing is for you to identify exactly what you need support in and with. If you need a babysitter to watch your children for you to give you a break or for work purposes then I suggest using site to find babysitter or nanny’s in your area to hire. (Watch the video above to hear more in depth information about and how to use it.)
  2. If you are looking for social support then I suggest you start with your local meetup groups. You can use meetup to connect with other moms like yourself or you can join groups that offer encouragement and self-development is that’s what you are seeking at this time. Another suggestion to add is for you to get to know the moms at your child school. This is a great way for you to build a relationship up with the moms at your child school and just maybe it may turn into a long term friendship.
  3. Are your kids out of control? Yelling and screaming, having temper tantrum and it’s driving you crazy? I recommend you signing up for parenting classed online. The site I recommend for parenting classes is which is the site that I also used for parenting classes. They offer great advice to me on how to deal with my two year old while out in public having temper tantrum. I highly recommend this site and at the end of your 8 weeks, if you meet all the qualification you will receive a certificate of completion which is also great.


Yes, being a single mom is hard work but you don’t have to continue to struggle at it. Get the necessary help that you need and are seeking so that you can start enjoying your life as a single mom.

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