How To Be A Stay At Home Mom On One Income

How I Became a Work From Home Single Mom of Three.


What do you do when you’re working but can’t afford daycare with three children? This has been my story for the past two years. I remember it like it was yesterday, receiving a job offer to work for one of the big three automotive companies. I was excited and thought to myself “this is the perfect job to help me raise my children.” I shared the good news with my family and friends and my mother offered to watch her grandchildren for me while I went to work. Everything seem to be going good for me and the new job until the second week when I received a text message from my mother late at night saying she wasn’t babysitting anymore. I was scheduled to work in the morning at 7:00am, so how was I going to find a babysitter at the last minute? God, what am I going to do? Continue Reading On Mrs. Savvy Saver website.

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