How Single Mothers Can Move On And Get Over Your Child’s Father?

The number one question I get asked the most is how do I just get over it? Many single mothers find themselves stuck unable to move forward with their life. I completely understand it, I too was in this exact situation. After my daughter’s father left and abandoned me while pregnant, I was hurt, confused and felt rejected but also at the same time I had high hopes and dreams of us getting back together and being a happy family. That dream never came true and it was time that I woke up and begin to move my life forward and this is exactly what I reveal to you in the video below how to do.


After acceptance and the acknowledgement that you simply have to get on with life comes the phase where you have to let go. Without letting go, you will never be able to make true and complete progress. Inside the Get Over Him course, you will learn to let go of a desire to reconcile with your ex, to let go of despair about how your ex broke his promise to be family and to let go of guilt you will have about raising your baby without a dad.

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