Here’s Why Most Single Mom’s Suffer From Depression

I was reading an article online that stated that single moms are at greater risk for depression. I have to say that I agree and I’m starting to meet a lot more single mothers who are suffering from depression and is not even aware of it.

One single mother that I met was showing signs of depression because of the lack of help she was receiving with her four-year-old son. As she would talk, she would also burst out crying because of the stress she was under.

Another single mother was diagnosed with depression but because of work and trying to take care of her children she couldn’t find the time to attend her sessions for depression.

Here is a list of things that I believe contribute to single mothers experiencing depression.

  1. The child’s father left while pregnant and abandon their child and now mom is left with the responsibilities. In this situation, you the mother is left feeling rejected, have a lot of unanswered questions concerning your child’s father will he ever come back? I thought he loved me? How could he do this to his child? All of these questions is enough to cause you to sink into a depression.
  2. Family refuses to help with children. When your own family refuse to help you with your children and try and make things hard for you, you’re left doing everything all on your own which leave you feeling drain and exhausted inside.
  3. No social life. If you don’t have a social life then you tend to isolate yourself in the house feeling all alone like no one care about you. Your entire life revolves around you with your children all day every day. This could make yo feel like you’re going crazy.
  4. Struggling financially. Constantly wondering how you’re going to provide for you and your children will cause you to experience anxiety attacks.
  5. Children out of order. This one for me drove me crazy. My two-year-old at the time was out of hand, constantly having temper tantrums and constantly crying all the time. It drove me nuts. This was one of the reasons why I sought out professional help.

I believe if more families would come together help one another out when needed and more men start taking care of their responsibilities versus abandoning them, then we would see a single mother filled with happiness and joy. Sometimes all we want as a single mother is to know that we have your support. We’re not in this thing all by ourselves.

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