Don’t Allow Your Struggle To Become Your Identity

How many times have you heard the saying “the struggle is real”…

As a single mom raising three children on your own can be a struggle in itself. Living paycheck to paycheck, trying to make ends meet, wondering if what you are doing is the right thing for you and your children.

I remember saying to myself one day, “God, I’m tired of struggling” I mean it seemed like it was always something happening in my life, just when I thought I got myself out of one hole here comes another problem or bill that I have to worry about. This one vehicle I had given me a headache after a headache, each time that I fix something on the car something else would need to be fixed. It felt like I had rebuilt a new vehicle with all the work and money I put into that particular car. One day as I was driving the car it started smoking and I threw my hands up and said forget it, I’m buying myself a new car and I did.

Going from one struggle to another struggle can cause a person to take on the identity that this is how things suppose to be. I was raised with the belief that single mothers are going to struggle no matter what. However, I later learned that it is not God’s will for his children to constantly struggle in life. God begin to reveal to me when you place your identity in Him and do things according to what his word says, your life can be so much easier.

Allow me to encourage you in the fact that your identity doesn’t have to be based in your struggle. Some women who only attract a certain type of guys to them has adopted the belief that this is all they can get and they settle for the man who just want sex, who don’t love them and who mistreat them. Don’t be that woman. Place your identity in Christ. In order for you to stop the struggle, you have to learn new knowledge, learn the word for yourself who God is and what His word says about who you are in Christ. Also, I would suggest you read and learn about deliverance from poverty so that you understand what you are fighting against and how to cast the spirit of poverty of out your life once and for all.

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