How To Stop Worrying And Live A Happier Life

Do you worry about everything? Do you fine yourself worrying about things before it even happen? You may feel like you can’t never stop worrying, but that’s not true.

Think about it, when you where born, was you worrying about how you was going to get feed or who was going to change your diaper, of course not because you didn’t know anything about the word “worry”, you didn’t know it exist until you became a little older in life and saw other people such as your mother or father worrying about the bills or keeping food on the table.

Worry is a habit, and to break a habit it will take time and effort on your part. You just have to be patience and be willing to go through the process.

The type of words you use can result in worry. Saying words such as “I’m worried I might miss the bus or I’m worried that something might happen” is only forming your mind to continue to worry about something. You ever notice once you say these type of words, what you say come to pass, you miss the bus or something bad do end up happening. You can cause yourself to over worry just by speaking these words.

Your imagination can also play a big part in you worrying about something. Think about it, let’s say your job shorten the pay on your check, soon as you see that your paycheck is less than what you expected, you begin to imagine all kind of stuff such as, this bill is going to be late to pay and they might charge you an fee for it being late, you imagine to yourself if you don’t pay your car note they might come and repossess it and you’re not going to have a way to get to work, then on to your rent, you start thinking if the rent be late you’re going to fall behind in paying it and then might end up getting evicted…You see how your imagination can cause you to worry more than you have to if you don’t control it. What allot of people don’t realize is that once you have your imagination and your words you speak out over your life working together for you, you will get exactly that.

The first step in breaking the worry habit is to believe that you can stop worrying. Tell yourself over and over that ” I believe I can stop worrying” and then STOP. It sound so simple right, but it will only be simple for you if you allow it to be. If you keep on telling yourself, “I can’t seem to stop worrying“, then you won’t stop worrying. I’m going to give you five tips on how you can begin to stop worrying so much in your life below.

  1. Stop practicing worry. Stop it. Make up in your mind that you will no-longer entertain the thoughts of worrying. What I mean by that is once you start to worry about something, stop it head on and just decide to not ponder or think on that thought. Learn how to shift your thoughts to something else, more positive, once you find yourself thinking negative thoughts that lead to worry.
  2. Don’t welcome worry. Tell yourself, “Worry is no-longer welcome in my mind, I have no need to worry about anything because God is by my side and I release all of my problems and cares on Him and He will work everything out for my good“. You are retraining your mind to not worry and to trust all your cares on the Lord. It’s hard to worry when you have faith in God. Faith knocks away all worry.
  3. Let go of other people worry. What do I mean? Your friends or family will come to you about something that they are worrying about and will expect for you to worry about it to with them. Don’t fall in the trap. They’re worry cannot be your worry.
  4. Give worry back to his owner. The bible says that God did not give us a spirit of fear…so by you worrying about something, you are really fearing that thing coming to pass, so if God did not give us a spirit of fear(worry), give it back to his owner, satan. You have to tell him “I no-longer receive that spirit, I’m giving it back to you so you can worry about it, not me”. Sometimes you have to get yourself in the habit of talking back to the devil just to let him know that you will no-longer receive or accept what he is trying to give you. God give us love, peace and joy. Satan steal, kill and destroy. Don’t receive that into your life. Accept peace over your life.
  5. Pray and give it to God. God is waiting on you to give Him your problems. He already know the outcome. He already have the answer to your situation. It is not our job to try and figure out everything. Pray and give all your worrying to God and then ask Him to grant you peace like never before, and He will.

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