From Depression to Deliverance Book
Taquila Coleman lived a seemingly normal life. She had hopes, dreams, and aspirations just like everyone else…until the boyfriend she thought she’d spend the rest of her life with abandoned her when she needed him the most. Pregnant, alone, and with more problems than her heart and mind could handle, Taquila life came to an impasse. She could either allow depression and self-pity to sink her into the abyss or she could find a way to pull herself out of it, and do something to make life better for herself and her unborn child. That journey out of her desperate state took her back to the one place she always felt at home – with God. HIS powerful words and teachings helped her recover from the depths of depression and helped her find her way to a better, more spiritual life. From Depression to Deliverance is Taquila’s poignant memoir about a time in her life when she thought she’d lost herself. It is the author’s hope that her personal story will shed light on a struggle many endure and will show anyone who is feeling overwhelmed and alone that there is a way back from depression and heartache. If you are feeling alone in your fight, scroll up to buy this book and let Taquila help you to restore your soul, heal your heart, and turn your heartache into joy. Get Your Copy Now!

The Confident Sista HandBook

A must have arsenal in your weapon collection.~Bekah L.

I’m really enjoying your book!!! It really touches the core and make you identify what is causing insecurity issues. It’s very inspiring. I absolutely love it and the examples you give women on how we can achieve confidence in ourselves it’s really encouraging my spirit. ~Dawn

This book is straight to the point, no beating around the bush. Taquila Coleman gives women key points to resolving pain, healing and starting to grow to become confident. She touches on the things that so many women don’t see like how important it is to forgive yourself, not just others; being conscious of who you surround yourself with, choosing your words and what you listen to wisely. Something I see a lot of is women who have no boundaries and who don’t know how to say “no”; she spells out their importance. Most importantly she gives a big key nugget–falling in love with yourself, knowing your worth and coming to know who you are so that you are confident, no matter what someone else tells you. Confidence is built in action, from the inside on a daily basis and this book gives the the steps to take.~Sheila Get Your Copy Now!