Ask A Single Mom: My Depression Looks Like

Twitter is shedding light on the different faces of depressions using the hashtag #mydepressionlookslike and I have to say that as a single mom of three children my depression looked like a normal every day mom on the outside but once inside closed doors that’s when the doubts set in, then the confusion and frustration, unable to focus on a task and constantly finding myself starting and stopping every project that I start.

At night, #mydepressionlookslike lying in the bed feeling sad for myself and all alone. I would lay there thinking about my life, how stuck I felt and how I hated my current situation. I’ve often found myself wondering if anyone even care about me and if so why do I feel so alone in this world. What happen to all of my friends? I don’t even have the drive or energy to go anywhere. I’d rather just stay in the house and watch TV.

I’ve suffer with depression for many years of my life, some of which I wasn’t even aware that I was depressed. I thought the constant mood swings was normal. Just like any other single mom, I thought the happiness and sadness, up and down feeling came with the duty of being a single mom. I was constantly tired and had no energy but I still had to find a way to get myself out of the bed each¬†morning and get my children ready for school and the day started.

I’m happy to say that I’ve finally made the decision to seek help for my depression and as little as two months God delivered me from my depression. I’m currently writing my book sharing my story of deliverance from depression with other single moms and women who find they currently going through depression and sharing with them my exact steps that has helped to deliver me from depression in 2 months.

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