(video) A Single Mom Struggle: Trying To Work But Need Help With Your Children

Here’s is my story…

I’m a single mom of 3 children ages 11, 3 and 1 years old. I was always the type of woman that worked and had a job. When I had my 1st child, my son, everything was fine. I was married then but later got a divorce but things were still going well for my son and I. Fast forward a couple of years and here I am with 3 children. Even though both fathers wanted me to abort their child I chose to keep my kids and raise them on my own with or without them…but I never thought it would be this hard.

In a one year time period, I have worked for 4 different companies making good money but unable to keep the job because of childcare. If my family watched my children for me while I went to work then I later had to put up with the b.s that family likes to take you through when they are watching your kids and so for that reason, I left the family alone. Next, I tried hiring my own personal nanny which was great and my children absolutely loved her but hiring a nanny to come into your home and help take care of your children is expensive for a single mom of 3 making $15 an hour. My last result was putting my children in daycare which didn’t work either. Paying for daycare is like paying for a second mortgage and so once again I couldn’t afford it.


So what do I do God? I mean I have to work in order to take care of my children. I need some help.

Even though I clearly heard God answer, I ignored it because I didn’t understand it nor did I want to quit my job. Yes, God told me to quit my job and trust Him to provide for my children and I.

As I continue to try and work and find people to help watch my children, all it did was frustrate me more. I would hire someone to babysit my children only for them to quit the next day. Each day that I got up to go to work I felt irritated and hated hearing my kids scream and cry for me as I left them with another babysitter. It bothers me all the way to work and I did not like it. I kept telling myself, I’m going to work one more month so that I can save up some extra money and then I will quit but with each day the challenges grew stronger and stronger until I submitted to God’s will for my life.


I threw my hands up and said OK God, I quit. And just like that Peace came upon me. My kids were happy that mommy was back home with them cooking and playing with them. I was at peace again, no longer mad, frustrated or irritated inside. Now that my spirit was at peace God could begin to work in my life. I always felt like God didn’t want me to work because He called me for something greater than working at a 9 to 5. Nothing wrong with it but God revealed my purpose for my life along time ago to me and I was now in the place and position where God wanted me so that He could teach me all of what He wanted me to know before He launch me off into my purpose.

I share my story with you in hopes to inspire hope within you. I meet single moms in this same situation all of the time, struggling to find a babysitter because they desire to work and take care of their children but keep hitting a brick wall. If you are in this situation, then let me encourage you to get still and ask God what is His will for your life right now in this season. His will may be for you to sit at home with your children and raise them in the word of God. I know for me, God wanted me at home with my children to help develop within me patience and self-control and to develop my faith in Him to provide for my family. He also had to teach me how to budget my money so that I could stop struggling living paycheck to paycheck and lastly He used that time while I was at home to deepen my relationship with Him. So whatever it is that God presses upon your heart in this season to do, know that it’s for a reason. He just requires for us to trust Him, have faith and be obey His word.

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