7 Things Fantasia Did To Attract Her Husband

This goes out to all my single ladies…

Fantasia opens up and shares what she did that helped to attract her husband into her life. I am so excited and happy for Fantasia after everything she has been through, being a single mom and the struggle that came with it. As I always say, if you want to stop attracting the wrong guys their are some things you must start doing differently and Fantasia did them and attracted her husband to her in the process.

Here are the 7 steps Fantasia did to attract her husband:

  1. She fasted for 7 months.
  2. She stopped dating and started loving herself again.
  3. She let go of all the other relationships that did not work in her life.
  4. She fed her soul things that will build her up during her fast such as watching Bishop TD Jakes.
  5. She spoke life to herself and her situation and spoke what she wanted and was looking for every day.
  6. She talked to God and told him what she needed and wanted in a husband.
  7. She was patience during the process.

See you can’t go into something good until you let go of all the bad stuff. ~Fantasia

Click the picture below to listen to Fantasia story of how she attracted her husband into her life.

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