7 Reasons Why Single Mothers Should Attend The Proverbs 31 Woman Conference

In this post I’m going to share with you the seven reasons why I believe you should attend the proverbs 31 woman conference that’s happening here in Dearborn, Michigan on May 20, 2017 host by Kimberly Benjamin.

Reason 1: Learn how to be an “AWESOME” mother. I’m sure that you are a great mother and raising your children well but this year my challenge to all single mothers is to go from great to “AWESOME”. DR. Sabrina Jackson will share secrets to being an awesome mother at this year proverbs 31 woman conference.

Reason 2: Learn how to be a leader. As a single mom, you are the head of your home, the leader, the person your children turn to for help and guidance. It is your responsibility as a mom to lead your children in the right way that they should go in which is the Word of God. Kevin Binion will be sharing keys to being an effective leader and you do not want to miss it.

Reason 3: Learn the principal of fatherhood. For this reason, I believe every single mother who are raising a son should attend the conference for this reason alone, because as a woman we know how to raise our daughters but raising a son is a little different. This Saturday meetup event is taking place in my home and the topic that will be discussed is “Raising Boys“. The ladies will hear from men on what it take to raise a boy to become great men.

Reason 4: Get your finances in order. Benita Tyler will share tips on finances and if you are wondering how to get out of debt, budget your money or even save then you don’t want to miss her session at the event.

Reason 5: Learn how to leave an inheritance for your children’s children. Now this makes me think of investing, saving and making money and we all can use some more money in our pocket so why not come on out and here what Michael Kastler wisdom on how to leave an inheritance for your children.

Reason 6: Release the baby weight. After having my daughter in 2015, I’ve gained a total of 30 pounds with her and was able to lose 15 of those stubborn pounds from my body. It’s this last 15 pounds that is sitting right in my midsection that I’m having a hard time getting rid of but thank God for Danielle Henderson. Danielle has manage to lose weight and keep it off for an entire year without gaining any of the weight back and she is going to share at the proverbs 31 woman conference secrets to laying aside the weight.

Reason 7: Learn how to be a “Better Wife”. The bible says that “he who finds a wife receive favor from the Lord” Proverbs 18:22. Even though you are single right now, I want you to know that you are a WIFE now that’s in preparation. Toy Banks, the world most satisfied wife is going to share secrets to submitting to your husband and how to be a better wife all around. I was blessed to attend Mrs. Toy Banks “Live Boldly” event at the beginning of this month and all I have to say is LIFE CHANGING. Toy confirmed some things for me that I was sensing in my spirit from God, she is a powerful woman of God that know how to Pray, Lead, Encourage & Motivate those to not only being better but Living Boldly for God. You do not want to miss her message.

Keynote Speaker: MiChelle Ferguson

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