Help! I Can’t Find a Man That Wants a Relationship with Me

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In this post, I’m going to reveal to you the mistakes you may be making that’s causing each man that you find yourself with to not want a relationship with you.

So you met a great guy and the two of you have a really good connection starting off but before the week is out you already picture in your mind the two of you in a committed relationship and the type of life that you too will have with one another. Before you know it, you find yourself acting like his woman. You call him throughout the day just to see how he is doing and to make sure he is alright. When the two of you are together, you cook for him and later top it off with amazing sex that you know will blow his mind. As you lay in bed with him wrapped in between his arms you just know that he is feeling what you are feeling and you are finally happy that you’ve found the one…until he tells you “I’m don’t want a relationship”.

What happen? I thought we had a good connection, I mean he told me he liked me and that I’m a good woman so what’s the problem? Why doesn’t he want a relationship? Or maybe he does, he’s just scared of getting hurt. I’ll show him that I’m different and is not like the rest of women that he’s been with. And just like that, you continue to date him and wait for him to one day want a relationship with you but that day never seems to come.

The mistakes that I see most women making are acting like his woman when he have not asked you to be his woman. If this is a pattern for you and you keep on getting the same results from each man then it’s time that you do something differently.

The reason why each man you find yourself with doesn’t want a relationship with you is because you are already giving him the benefits of a relationship he just haven’t verbally committed himself to you. Why should he want a relationship with you when you already giving him sex on a regular basis, cooking for him and meeting all of his emotional needs just by listening and being there for him when he needs you to be. There is no purpose or reason for him to make you his woman. Yes, he sees that you are a good woman but what he also sees is a woman who does not love herself or value herself.

One thing you have to understand about men when it comes to settling down and committing themselves to one woman is man settle down with women who make it a standard to be with them. If it’s not a requirement before sex to be in a committed relationship with you then you’re not going to get it. I know you’re thinking but why would he have sex with me knowing he doesn’t want to be with me? Because he can and at the end of the day he’s not committed to you so he’s free to leave and do whatever he wants.

To sum all of what I’m saying to you up, if a relationship is what you desire to have then you have to stop having sex and acting like his woman before he even commit himself to you. Make it a requirement to be in a monogamous relationship with you.

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Why Men Always Friend Zone You?

So you met a great guy and you like him a lot but you’re starting to wonder in the back of your mind if he has placed you in the friend zone spot. He calls you every other day to see how you’re doing and even come over from time to time but you just don’t know.

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Why Is It OK For A Man To Cheat But Not A Woman?

Woman walking away

Why Is It OK For A Man To Cheat But Not A Woman?

It’s not ok for a man to cheat. The reason why it seem like it’s ok for a man to cheat verses a woman is because most women forgive and take their man back after he have cheated. Women are more forgiving then a man in certain situations and this is one of them.

It’s hard for a man to stay with a woman after he have found out she cheated on him. Men are more visual and they’re ego is crush. They start thinking thoughts such as who was better? Was it good? Did you like it? They really don’t want to know the answer to these questions, its just that they’re ego is hurt and they want to feel like the man again.

A better question you should ask yourself is why do I keep taking him back after he cheated on me? Answering this question will help you get to the root of the real problem that’s going on in your relationship.

For the record: It’s never ok for a man or a woman to cheat. If you feel like you have to cheat and go elsewhere to get your needs met then first try communicating with your mate and seeing if that helps before you decide to cheat.

This question is actually one of the questions that I’ve asked in our what is he thinking interview series. Click here to hear the entire interview series.

(video) How Long Will A Man Wait To Have Sex?

How long will a man wait to have sex with a woman? This answer depends on the level of interest that the man have with the woman. If his goal is sex then he will wait however long you make him wait for sex until he conquer his goal.

This reminds me of the conversation that I was having with Patrick in our what is he thinking interview series and I shared with him how an old friend of mines made a man wait 8 months for sex and after she gave him what he wanted he stopped calling her and was on to the next woman.

How long a man will wait for a woman to have sex with him depends on what type of men you’re dealing with and his motives. Watch the video below to hear what Patrick had to say about how long a man will wait for sex.


3 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

He likes you more than a friend

Are you wondering if he likes you more than a friend? I mean the two of you are great friends. He calls you almost every day just to see how you’re e doing. Both of you know each other family and have been told that the two of you should be together. You on the other hand is not sure how he feel about you or if he even likes you more than a friend because let’s be honest, he talks to you about other women he have an interest in and this throws you off and causes you to second guess if he see you just a friend.

Here are a couple of reasons why he talks to you about other women:

  • He is comfortable sharing this type of information with you.
  • He has placed you in the friend zone but yet he still likes you.
  • He is looking for a reaction from you when he talks about other women to you.

Now that you have an idea of why he talks to you about other women, let’s take a look at three signs that you could look for to tell if he likes you more than a friend.

  1. When a man likes a woman more than a friend he will give her his time. If he calls you every day all throughout the day just for nothing then this is a clear sign that he likes you more than a friend.
  2. He can’t keep his hands off of you. Now I’m not talking about in a sexual way but when you are in his presence he will find reasons to touch you whether it’s your hair he touches, your hand, he may sit really close to you where his leg is touching yours etc…Man touch things that they like.
  3. You will always have access to him. What do I mean? If he likes you more than a friend then he is going to make sure that you can always contact him when needed such as at work, home, cell phone…he will make sure that you can contact him whenever you need to.


Trust your intuition about him. If your intuition is telling you that this man likes me more than a friend then he probably do but if it’s in the back of your mind that he is sending you mix signals and you’re not sure if he likes you or not then you may be right as well. Your intuition will not steer you wrong. One thing I know for certain, when a man likes a woman he will make it known to her that he like her and she won’t have to second guess or try and figure him out.

Would you like to hear more on how men think when it pertains to love, sex and commitment? Listen to the interview with Shawn Hill on the 7 things women wish they knew about what men were thinking.

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