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Why Is It So Easy For Him To Move On But Not Me?

In today’s blog post, I’m going to answer the question why is it so easy for him to move on but not me? Now that the relationship is over you hear nothing from your ex, he barely calls you, and you on the other hand is wondering why you can’t stop thinking about him and […]

(video)My Ex Wants Nothing To Do With Me Or His Child

What do you do when your ex wants nothing to do with you or his unborn child? Watch the video below to hear my response on how to deal with an ex who wants nothing to do with you or his baby. Watch Video Here I’m launching a new book soon! I would love to […]

(video)Doctor Wants Me To Abort My Baby With Down Syndrome

In the video below, I share with you my own personal story of being six months pregnant and ob-gyn doctor advising me to abort my child with down syndrome. If you are currently pregnant and are wondering if you should abort your special needs child and/or been told by your doctor to abort your baby […]


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    I’m really enjoying your book!!! It really touches the core and make you identify what is causing insecurity issues. It’s very inspiring. I absolutely love it and the examples you give women on how we can achieve confidence in ourselves it’s really encouraging my spirit.

    - Dawn

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