What Do You Do When He Wants An Abortion But You Don’t?

Everything was fine until you got pregnant and now he wants an abortion and you don’t, so what do you do in this situation?

If you don’t want to have an abortion then don’t have it. Let what he is saying go right over your head. This is your body, you are the one carrying the child so this is your decision to make. What do you want?

If the two of you were grown enough to lay down and make a baby then the two of you should assume the responsibility of taking care of this child.

Young African American Woman Pregnant isolated on a black background

I understand that he may be threatening to leave you and he probably stating how he is not going to be in the child’s life if you do have the baby. Listen do not allow his words to move or scare you, the bible says “when your mother and father forsake you I (God) will take you in”. What he won’t or refuses to do God will make sure that you and your child needs are met.

Don’t allow the pressure you are getting from him to guide you in aborting your child. For whatever reason he do not want you to have this child then that is on him but you my sister do what’s right and have your baby.

My advice to you is to trust all of your heart into God taking care of you and your child. Hard times will come but they will pass if you do not give up. There will be times when you will question if you’ve made the right decision because things may be getting hard for you and the father stop talking to you, all of that is OK, trust and believe God sees everything and in due time everything will turn around for your good.

In the meantime you make sure you do your part and get you and your child the necessary care that the two of you need. Don’t allow pride or guilt to keep you from asking for the kind of help you and your child need. If your wondering if you should file child support on the father then the question is yes because that’s his responsibility to take care of his child. It don’t matter what’s coming out of his mouth, he laid down with you and made a baby so he must take care of his child.

If you need to apply for assistance from the state then do it. You do what you need to do to make your situation better for you and God will do the rest.

One last thing that I will say to you in this post is learn the lesson in this situation. Stop having sex with men who are not your husband. Use this time to develop a relationship with God and your child. Work on improving you every day. Don’t allow what happen to you to cause you to get bitter but use it to make you better.

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What Do You Do When Men Are Intimidated By You?

If you are reading this post chances are you feel like men are intimidated by you. 

I was having a conversation with a young lady one particular day and she stated that men are intimidated by her because she’s a single mom and she always had to do things and make things happen for her family. This is her reason as to why she is still single and can’t seem to find a man who is not intimidated by her.

Independent black woman sitting in red chair

Do you feel this way?

I use to think men were intimidated by me as well. I had my own house, car, good paying job and was holding it down as a single mother raising my son and it seem like each men that I dated appeared to be intimidated by me…or so I thought?

I can only speak from my perspective so this is what I later discover…

Because I had my own everything and was forced at an early age to figure out how to live on my own and take care of myself; once I met a man and we would go out on a date I would immediately pay for the bill just to show him that I wasn’t dating him for his money and that I had my own money just in case he was thinking it in the back of his mind.

I later discover that it wasn’t that man was intimated by me; the men I dated didn’t see where they were needed in my life because I was the one who was always doing everything. Instead of asking a man to take out the garbage I would do it. Whatever needed to be fixed around my house or with my car I would do it and if he tried to do it I would point out how he did it wrong and redo it myself. 

What’s the point of dating her? Is what they were thinking. She doesn’t need me. She have it all figured out. Next!

This is what kept me single for many years and this may be what are keeping you single too.

I hear some women say how they don’t need a man to please them because they can please themselves. Now that is a true statement however how many times are you going to please yourself before you get tired of doing it and desire to be touched and pleased by a man?

He recognize that you are a single mother holding it down and taking care of everything but in the end he also want to feel wanted and needed by you.

This is what Vincent said after reading this post: Real men are not intimidated by a women success,, little boys are.

What are your thoughts after reading this post? Do you agree or disagree? Share it with me below and also listen to the interview I did with Shawn Hill on what men think and hear the seven different scenarios on how man think in these situations.

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What If She Text And Never Calls?

I received a question from a man over on Google+ who found one of my blog post in a particular group that I’m in and he wanted to know “what if she text and never calls?”

What a good question to ask because I know many women who are shy or act like they are shy and will be the first to text a man to try and break the ice with him.

Speaking from a woman perspective, women will text a man when they lack communication and if they just want to see if the man is interested in her. I can’t speak for every woman but for me if I’m not interested in a man then I won’t text him or call him. Now if he continues to text me then I might respond back depending on what he is saying in the text such as “good morning, hello, how are you” things of that nature but if I’m not interested trust me you will know.

So I say that to say if she is texting you then she could have some interest there but if she never calls you then she could be trying to play hard to get and want you to chase her or she may have a man already and can’t talk on the phone which is why she text you all of the time.

One thing that I know for sure is when a person is interested in you they will call you even if they don’t have anything to say or talk about. Think about when you were young and when you would be on the phone with a girl you really liked all night; the two of you wasn’t talking about nothing, just holding the phone listening to one another breathe on the phone. You didn’t hang up or get off the phone with her because you liked her and just wanted to stay on the phone with her even if that meant listening to her snoring on the phone.

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To answer your question what if she text you and never calls, then you get clear on what type of relationship you are looking for and how you like to communicate and let your request be known to her.

If you too have a relationship question that you would like for me to answer for you via my blog or video then ask me your question here.

In the meantime, listen to the interview that I did with Shawn Hill the author of The Single Black Woman Guide to dating as he answer seven scenarios that women would love to know how men think in once they are in these situations.


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What To Do When An Ex Calls You Out Of The Blue?

So your ex called you out of the blue and he is saying all the right things to you. He is telling you how much he misses you and loves you. But do he really…What’s going on in this situation? Why is he contacting you out of the blue?

It could be for a couple of reasons why you’re ex boyfriend is calling you out of the blue.

Reason 1: He probably realize that he made a mistake by letting you go and he is ready to make things right and give you the type of relationship that you always wanted with him.

Reason 2: He probably just got out of a relationship and now he is thinking about you. He probably want to hang out, chill and have sex which will help him take his mind off his current breakup at the moment and help him feel a little better about himself.

Reason 3: He is just on some b.s. He already knows you, what you will tolerate from him and he know all he have to do is throw a couple of sweet words your way and he will be back in your bed.

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What do you do? You use your God-given wisdom and discernment to help you figure out why he is really showing up. In this case you have to trust yourself and your instinct you are getting concerning him and allow that to guide you into figuring out what reasons he is coming back into your life.

Keep this in mind: Don’t listen to his words, listen and watch his actions!

If you would like to hear more on how men think then consider listening to the interview I did with Shawn Hill the author of The Single Black Woman Guide to Dating here.

What relationship question do you have? Send them to me here to answer for you via my blog or video.

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What Do You Do When He Texts You All Day And Never Calls?

This is the thing about texting and not calling. He can text “thinking about you” and send it to all the women in his phone call list and when you receive the message you’re thinking to yourself awww he’s thinking about me and then you respond back with “I’m thinking about you too”.

When a man is really thinking about a woman, he will pick up the phone and call you because he wants to hear your voice, he wants to hear what kind of mood she is in and if it’s a bad mood then how can he help make your mood better.

My kid’s father set the bar high for the next man. He never text me but called me every day because he liked me and wanted to hear my voice and talk to me. When he said good morning, good night or thinking about you, I heard it from his mouth and not through a text so I knew he was talking specifically to me.

You should never allow a man to text you all day to where he doesn’t feel the need to call you. If he’s not calling you then he’s not interested in you like you think he is. He’s not calling you because you are not making it a requirement to call you. When Shawn and I discuss this scenario in our interview I couldn’t help but laugh at his response because what he said about a man texting a woman all day and never calling is very true, in case you want to hear his response click here.

Make it a requirement for a man to call you so that you don’t have to ever wonder why he always texting you and not calling. What did you think about my response? Do you allow men to text you all day and not call? Let’s finish this conversation over in my private FaceBook group and if you want to know how a man thinks regarding texting and calling then click here to hear Shawn’s response.

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