I’ve Written My Book, Now What?


Hey there soon-to-be author, So now that you have finished writing your book you’re probably wondering what’s next. When I first finish writing my first book “The Confident Sista HandBook” … Continue Reading →

Single Mothers You Can Write A Book To

me and dajour

Hey Lady, I know you probably wondering “when I will have time to write a book”, after all you are a┬ásingle mother of 1, 2, and 3 etc…kids and that … Continue Reading →

Is There A Book In You?


Is there a book in you? Of course it is… We all have a book in us but the question is you ready to write your book and get it … Continue Reading →

How To Turn Your Mess Into Your Message


Never would I have thought that I would be sharing my mess of going through a divorce, dealing with daddy issues, overcoming insecurity, searching for love in men and so … Continue Reading →

Go After What You Want


Today is Motivate Me Monday and today I wanted to motivate you to get up and go after whatever it is that you always wanted to do with your life. … Continue Reading →

Inspiration For Single Mothers

single mom

Today I wanted to provide my single mothers with some inspiration to help uplift your soul. I know firsthand how hard it is being a single mother. I have two … Continue Reading →

How To Be Fearless And Confident


One thing that I can say about me is when it come down to something that I want or is trying to accomplish in my life before I even know … Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem


As I sat and talk with a friend of mine, she stated to me that her ex had destroyed her self-esteem after their breakup. She told me how he abused … Continue Reading →

How To Move On After A Breakup Or Divorce


Moving on after a breakup or divorce is hard to do. Most people feel stuck and don’t know what to do or how to move on with their life. After … Continue Reading →

Loneliness After A Breakup


Loneliness after a breakup is very hard to deal with. It can cause a person to go into a deep depression and feel like you’re about to lose your mind. … Continue Reading →