The Power of a Thought

My book coach Carla R Cannon hosted a prayer call last night and she said something that caused me to want to write this blog post just for you. She said “Just because the thought comes to mind does not mean you have to go there”. Immediately after hearing her say these words my mind began racing to all of the times in the past when several thoughts came to my mind and I acted on them only to regret it later.

How many times have you said to yourself that you were done messing around with him and that this time you were going to do things the right way and wait on God to send you the man he has for you.

powerthoughtAs you’re waiting, loneliness creeps upon you in the middle of the night and then you start thinking about him and how you probably were too hard on him, just maybe you will give him another chance. As you sit and reminisce about him and how good he made you feel, you find yourself entertaining the thought of calling him up and inviting him over so that the two of you could make up.

Now before you act on this thought I want you to ask yourself do I really want to go there again with him. Remind yourself of the reason why just a few weeks ago you made the decision that you were done with him and that you were going to do things God’s way. See we as women have to stop acting from our emotions. Just because the thought is coming to you and you are choosing to only remember the good thing about him does not mean you should act on it. You already know if you give him another chance you will later regret it. Don’t allow the feelings of loneliness to cause you to run back to something that could potential destroy you. Know your value and understand that you deserve more as a woman. Don’t let a thought that’s sent by the devil throw you off track of what God has in store for you.